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  Why PREVENT vehicle theft when you can safely STOP it!?  
CRD Technology Ltd: A wholly owned subsidiary of Mobilizer Ltd
CRD Technology Ltd   Introducing Select-A-Map - Diesel Control ECU
The World's only SAFE, fully automatic, universal anti-carjacking solution:

Get your car back within minutes, even if your keys are stolen!
The ultimate in vehicle security: An after-theft vehicle security system that will SAFELY and progressively slow any stolen vehicle, reducing its speed to walking pace less than 2 minutes after separation from the authorised driver.
If they take your car, they won't get far!

Remotely controlled after-theft vehicle speed reduction:

Introducing a whole new dimension to vehicle tracking:
With the addition of a compatible vehicle tracking device, Mobilizer Ltd has now made it possible for trained SOC operators to work with the police to slow stolen vehicles down on command, enabling police to quickly apprehend the thieves without resorting to 'car chases' or any other dangerous and forceful tactics.

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